Apokalyps Labotek The Parquet Multicolour
The Parquet:

A rubber parquet made of recycled car tires. 
Car tires is one of our most problematic waste materials. By taking actions against this waste, generated by the car industry, Apokalyps Labotek has developed a rubber parquet and found new use for old rubber tires. The floor is designed with inspiration from the classical herringbone pattern. Made in 2009.

Each year over 4 million car tires become waste in Sweden and in the EU, the number reach to almost 250 million used tires, every year. When researching this enormous waste problem Apokalyps Labotek found a formula of how to recycle the material. The material in The Parquet is made by cutting the tires into smaller pieces and then separating the rubber from the metal mesh. The rubber is then grounded into a fine powder which is mixed with recycled plastic. The binding is reinforced with a patented molecule. More than 95% of the content is made from recycled materials and can be recycled over and over. The floor has been awarded with Region Skåne Design Grant 2009, Wallpaper Design Award 2010 and Elle Interior Design Award 2011.


Apokalyps Labotek is still looking for production opportunities for The Parquet.

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